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Server Update!

Hey there! We are now moving into our testing phase for the server for more info check out this forum thread! <a href=""></a>

Server Update!
11 months ago

Hey there!

We've recently updated our logo! Brand new and a more professional looking logo made by our very own Staff Manager! Thanks very much for producing this! 

We would like to welcome GeorgeWes to our builder team, and we are excited for more members to join our staff team! Remember, if you'd like to join, sign up for the forums and create an application!

Anyways, I'd like to update you guys on the progress the server has made. At the moment, I am looking for people to test out permissions and a few...

New webhosting
12 months ago

Hello all!!

We've moved over to a more premium webhost, Hostinger. This should fix any issues with database queries being logged up etc. I've noticed there was a slight rollback in the database, however that shouldn't have affected too much at the moment!

We are progressing however in the development of the server and are still looking for staff! Please go ahead and signup to the forums and apply! We'd love to have you!!

Please check out the discord for recent development updates! 


Discord Link
12 months ago

Hello all!

You can find the discord link here

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