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Server Update!

Hey there! We are now moving into our testing phase for the server for more info check out this forum thread! <a href=""></a>




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11 months ago
Server Update!

Hey there!

We've recently updated our logo! Brand new and a more professional looking logo made by our very own Staff Manager! Thanks very much for producing this! 

We would like to welcome GeorgeWes to our builder team, and we are excited for more members to join our staff team! Remember, if you'd like to join, sign up for the forums and create an application!

Anyways, I'd like to update you guys on the progress the server has made. At the moment, I am looking for people to test out permissions and a few other server functions. I'm looking to reward these players with a special rank that is named different to the others, such as a "Tester" role, with donator privileges. If you are interested in this, please join the discord and give us a shout!

I've also been developing the main webpage, and have finished with making improvements here and there. If you find anything that needs to be improved, please let me know ASAP! Check it out here! (

Recently, we've been working on a few behind the scenes work, such as a new Community Manager role, new logos and a few improvements to the forums and game server. More information will be posted about the new role and how our staff system works. We thank all of our current staff at the moment!

I am currently working on a Trello board at the moment, where we will provide development updates and timelines. It'll also show work and upcoming work for our builders as well! I'll post that, once it's finished on the discord as well!

if you'd like to ask any questions on how the development is going or how the server will work, please feel free to ask, as I'll be more than happy to be transparent and respond!

Thanks so much for sticking with us! 

12 months ago
New webhosting


12 months ago
New webhosting

Hello all!!

We've moved over to a more premium webhost, Hostinger. This should fix any issues with database queries being logged up etc. I've noticed there was a slight rollback in the database, however that shouldn't have affected too much at the moment!

We are progressing however in the development of the server and are still looking for staff! Please go ahead and signup to the forums and apply! We'd love to have you!!

Please check out the discord for recent development updates! 


12 months ago
How to apply for Builder

Builder application

To apply for the builder position, you must be able to build large scale spawns and other builds. You don't necessarily need to be very active for this position, but you need to be available when needed to start on builds. A short application is below for you to fill out.


  • Must be 16 years old
  • Must have discord
  • Must have experience with building before in Minecraft.
  • Must have a premium Minecraft account.
  • Must speak English.

What is your MC name? (Please link your namemc profile)

What is your first name/nickname?

How old are you?

What is your discord name and tag?

Why do you play Minecraft?

Do you have prior experience with building in Minecraft? If so, please attach a portfolio of work with proof if possible.

What time zone are you in?

Would you be able to build semi-large builds like spawns when required?

How many hours could you contribute a week?

Why did you choose this server?

Why should we choose you over others?

Tell me about yourself.

Anything else you need us to know?

That's all! Just copy either format and post a thread in the staff applications subform!